This article is aimed at exposing you to how you can make judicious use of the cracks that exists in our food chain as an opportunity to meet your start-up needs and be a solution driver in food affordability, availability and accessibility.

I wrote an article recently about how smart agribusiness, if well incorporated can drive the economy of Nigeria and I made mention of a fact finding of the current and projected population of Nigeria, hence, the need for brutal increase in the amount of food produced to meet the current population bloom.

In that article, I mentioned some of the smart tools you should consider exploiting in order to stand out and boost your production to consistently meet demands. You can read the article here if you missed it. However, many have approached me with complains about starting their farms

I asked about 10 youths randomly from different regions of Nigeria if they would love to venture into agriculture and they replied that they would love to, but about 9 of them submitted that as much as they would have loved to venture into agribusiness, the start-up capital is one of the major challenges that puts them off.

There is no beating around the bush, the source of capital is really a major challenge and it seem obvious that little or no action would be taken without a start-up capital, but it’s not a question of lack, it’s a question of sufficiency and passion, I also asked them about how much monetary capital they would need to start-up, it was shocking from my findings that all of them have budgeted very huge sum of money and they intend to start big.

Overcoming the challenges and risks of start-ups is a major aspect of any business and little mistakes can lead to the untimely extinction from market. Getting a loan sounds great, but this is what the future of a business frowns at and much worse, banks like the bank of Industries will not give you fund without a prospect of sustainability and solid business plans

Many publishers have suggested getting funds from friends and families, but the best and the most reliable way to fund your business is the self-funding, but how can you self-fund yourself when you’ve got nothing on one side to bring in the capital? Or how can the money come from friends and families when they in fact are also afraid to dip their fingers into dark holes?

Although, there are many legal ways through which you can fund your agribusiness, but if I promise to show you sure ways of getting that start-up capital, I’d be lying, I definitely have no idea how you can do that, but I can recommend one for you, just keep

reading… But first, I will like to suggest that you incorporate prudency in whatever you do. For instance, you have a skill that’s earning you some cash and you have passion for agriculture, you should consider saving some amount up for that purpose. As an entrepreneur, I bet patience should be one of the fruits of your spirit.

Actually, starting big is great, I mean, you’ll get returns earlier, but what do you do if you have just little capital to start up? What I have explained above is what I term “the save and invest method”: save, then, turn your money into investments. Okay, how about getting a land or a space firsthand? This should be your first goal as an agripreneur, you can buy, rent or lease it. This may be a bit difficult than it looks, but it’s your vision and your resilience should drive you through to the actualization of your dream.

Although, the starting fund is really a big issue and when it’s not forth coming, you can easily give up and keep waiting for it, until it’s very late and you end up not doing nothing.

Gradually, I believe you’re getting the picture I’ve been trying to paint on your mind. This is what you should do in essence: start small, fail if you will, stumble if you will, but don’t back off, you know why? Because you’re already in that mess and you just need to keep up until you start to break even. Finally, make sure you overcome and thrive. In other words, begin your journey as an SME, and make it a large one.

A wise source of fund for your business

I promised to make a recommendation recently and here it is:

In Nigeria, little support exists for farmers, and wherever it exists, only the privileged rich hurdles and it. Getting a loan may also be unsustainable and dangerous, as I don’t personally subscribe to this.

Now, I hate to put up some adverts here and I won’t, I will only open your eyes to a rare opportunity, I just feel it’s worth it. For a starting agripreneur, I strongly recommend that you get acquainted with LifePlus International.

Briefly, Lifeplus is an organization that comes with several opportunities. In a last seminar held in Kwara state, I got to know that LifePlus requires only 25% of your input, and the rest is upon them.

For instance, if you’re going into poultry farming, all the birds, the feeds and the veterinary care will be sponsored by them, all you need provide is a pen for the birds, and they can give out up to 50 thousand birds.

About the market, don’t worry, they’ll also find the market, and give you a sum of N1.5million at the end of three months when you must have grown the chicks, then you can solicit for another round of birds for the next three months. Now you’re probably making some calculations right? Okay, let’s do something together, there are 4 three months in a year, that’ll be N1.5 million multiplied by 4, this gives you N6 million per annum. Smart!

You not only get support for other farming business, you also get trained and see what it looks like to be a farmer, they’ll give you the best strain of the animals or crops you need to be above the food chain. Trust me, this is something that’s worth it, it will drive you out of hopelessness to start up and enliven the true passion in you. That sounds great right? Just tap the contact tag in the drop down at the top right hand corner of this page for more information

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