What I know about our clique

Despised, neglected, scorned, stigmatized, rejected and neglected. Picking up the crumbs that fall off your tables, always panting to be accepted, we are kids, with minds full of questions unanswered. We aren't like kids in foster homes who have abodes and folks who take care of them, ask us where we live and we'll answer; we live everywhere. In our cllique, no matter how little and tender, we sleep at night without knowing whether we would wake to see daybreak .

There is no peace in our language, growing up amidst hate, hunger and violence, easily influenced by whatever comes our way first, be it love, be it hate, we give it back.

We take in whatever the world throws at us, we believe in limitation, failure and regression.

An unfair world is what we see and all we ever wish for is to be like one of you, we do not know there are meals for the morning, noon and evening, though we pick the crumbs from your tables, pick them from the bins where you have dumped them.

We are at a greater risk of being molested, scrutinized, brainwashed, abused and misused, there is always a 90% chance that growing up from the street turns us into nuisance, giving no damn about what the outcome of our actions could be.

Everyday as we grow, we become depressed and dejected, we question life and we just want to end it while we become teenagers, but for the love for our siblings who have no one to look up to, we would have loved loved to end it a long time ago, perhaps, a reason why we don't care to die when you hire us to do evil.

We beg from you like there's no tomorrow, and when you scream at us, we understand we have ill-fated looks and that we are difficult to associate with.

The difference between you and us is privilege and opportunity, we cant be blamed for whom we are, if we had the chance to select parents, perhaps it would have been someone better, someone who can give us the life we deserve and desire.

We have dreams too, we have goals and aspirations too, we just don't know why it keeps getting blurry for us.

We feel caged and limited, like prisoners who crave to have a glance through the walls to see the outside world.

Despite all, we take no pity on ourselves for our condition and status, all we want is an organized life, a life out of the streets, a reunification into the society.

We don't want to keep being agents of destruction and evil, we are peaceful, we have big hearts, when we get love, we give back love, when we get peace, we give back peace, but when we get hate, rejection and scorn, we give back nothing
We have one hope, those who have taken it upon themselves to start bringing us together, without whom our voice wouldn't have been heard at all, this is no other than the Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative (HSKi).

Get to know us more at The Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative

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