The most essential need of any society is food, howbeit, there is a direct association between eating good food, having good health and a right mind.

In the Nigeria of today, an average citizen struggles to secure essential and sustainable diet


According to the World Population Reviews, and the Unted Nations Projection, the current population of Nigeria is estimated to be 201,061,137 (two hundred and one million, sixty one thousand, one hundred and thirty seven), this figure is estimated and projected to rise to about 206 million by 2020, 264 million by 2030 and would likely cross the 300 million threshold by 2036. Yet the country still struggle with sustainable agricultural practices meant to put the country on a safe list even of it hits these projections and liberate her from food security bondage.

I will also love to bring it to your attention that the Food and Agricultural Organization identified that despite the expertise of Nigerian farmers at practicing agriculture in thier own way, with the sector employing more than two-third of the workforce, outdated agricultural practices have brought a major setback to the sector, hence, hurdles and challenges to meet the current growing demands, not to mention exporting the products and generating revenue.

Agricultural products have failed to meet the growing population outburst and this has led to a crippled sector, you would agree with me that for any nation, the role of agriculture cannot be overemphasized, the only thing that can be put out is the old way of doing the same thing over and over again.

Poor land use practices, lack of access to Information and Communication Technology as well as other technical inputs which have the potentials of boosting agricultural practices have led to multiple, unnecessary loss of the viability of end products.

Not to keep stating the problems, of course, there isn't a problem after all, just solutions, you would be cheating yourself if you think people don't know there are problems already, the difference you can make is finding solutions and keeping the problems away from its victims.

Recently, I got into a discussion about smart agriculture and how it can drive our economy with a group of agripreneurs, not long after that, I got a call from a client that I should help develop a comprehensive content on smart agriculture and agripreneurship. You might think it was a coincidence, but to me, it was a topic worth writing. Its actually what Nigeria needs at the moment and apart from being an entrepreneur with a focus on other sectors, one of the most sustainable and problem solving sector you can look into is smart agripreneurship.

As a smart agripreneur, you look into making a difference in a modern dimension and reaching out to the vast stream of readily available technology in making sustainable decisions on your farm.

Smart agriculture has been divided into three major dimensions, these dimensions are

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Although, many researchers have reported the prospects of these three at changing the face of the Nigerian agribusiness and they stated them as promising ways of scaling up food availability in the midst of growing and likely menace of population explosion, Nigeria still lags behind in incoporation of these technologies.

    Incorporation of smart agriculture will not only help you put Nigeria forward as being food secure, you should also realize that it will boost the export structure, revitalize the dwindling economy and collapse all importation and dependency attributes of the economy.

    Application of these smart methods of farming will also not only elevate internally generated revenue, but has the potential of improving health and environmental sustainability.

    Biotechnology and nanotechnology, for instance will reduced losses incurred due to some agricultural practices such as animal breeding, pest and disease control, with nanoparticles reducing the residual effects of chemicals on human health and the environment.

    Let me open your eyes to other smart agricultural practices with prospects of meeting the high demands for food. These include:
  • Greenhouse farming
  • Precision agriculture boosted by the previously mentioned dimensions
  • Smart fertilizer application
  • Use of nanoparticles as sensors in determining the precise time for artificial insemination, this eradicates multiple insemination which wastes resources and increases loss
  • Geomapping
  • IT skill leveraging
  • With all these at hand and cheaply available, contemporary farmers who leverage them and uses them efficiently are at greater prospects of achieving success in food affordability dimension. You should also be resourceful in your dealings, smart agrpreneurship is more than a side business, its a smart business.

    By Omisola, Idowu Paul

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